Frequently Asked Questions - Singing Telegrams

What is a Singing Telegram?


singing telegram is a message that is delivered by an artist in a musical form. Singing telegrams are historically linked to normal telegrams, but tend to be humorous. Sometimes the artist is in costume or formal clothing. Singing telegrams are often given as a gift and virtually for any occasion or reason. At Wacky Jack's, we deliver the best singing telegrams at the best prices! Sending a singing telegram is fun for both the customer and the recipient. It is a memorable gift that is rare and unique. A singing telegram can be delivered to any home, business, school, or hospital and we ask that you get permission from the place of delivery before ordering. Our telegrams are classy, affordable, and family friendly. They are a gift that can be sent to anyone at any age and we even deliver telegrams to children.


The history of the Singing Telegram - Western Union, the American Telegraph company began offering singing telegram services in 1933. On July 28, 1933, a fan sent Hollywood singing star Rudy Vallee a birthday greeting by telegram. George P. Oslin (1899–1996), the Western Union public relations director, decided this would be a good opportunity to make telegrams, which had been associated with deaths and other tragic news, into something more popular. He asked a Western Union operator, Lucille Lipps, to sing the message over the telephone, and this became the first singing telegram. While Oslin created the singing telegram because he thought "that messages should be fun," he recalled that he "was angrily informed I was making a laughingstock of the company." As relatively few telegram recipients had telephones, most telegrams, including singing telegrams, were first delivered in person. The popularization of the telephone in the 1960s reduced telegrams in general. By 1972, Western Union was receiving a small number of requests for singing telegrams and was seeking regulatory approval on a state-by-state basis to eliminate the offering. Western Union suspended its singing telegram service in 1974, but independent singing telegram companies, specializing in often costumed personal delivery of gift messages, have kept up the tradition. Wacky Jack Entertainment is the leader in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Tri-state area for this type of entertainment.

How long does the telegram or performance last?


Performance times vary from five to fifteen minutes depending on the costume, environment, and participation of the recipient and/or audience. We generally like to keep the performance times short to make sure we preserve the "element of surprise" and "shock effect" that singing telegrams are known for, especially by Wacky Jack's. Our performers will always allow a little extra time after the performance for photos and silliness, and being experienced improvisers, they're happy to joke around with a willing audience!

                                            Can you handle "same day" orders for the time I request?


For singing telegrams, yes we can, if the order is placed early enough in the day. However, if our schedule is very heavy or you place an order later in the day you may have to be flexible on the time. (please allow plenty of time for your local traffic conditions, weather, etc..)

                                              For balloon bouquets, ALL orders must be placed before 10am and will be delivered in the afternoon.

                            For Large ballon orders, we do not do same day orders. ALL bulk orders must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.


                                                           Can I get a copy of the song or telegram?


                             We do not provide copies of our songs. If the telegram is personalized, you may request a copy from your recipient.

                                                Do you have other costumes not listed on your site? 


                                                                                                                           No we do not.


Can your performer bring other extras like a cake, flowers, extra balloons, or such?


                                                                           We can bring extra balloons but do not stop for cake, flowers, etc.


Is a Singing Telegram just for birthdays or Valentines day?


No. They are great for EVERY OCCASION & EVERY EVENT! Birthdays, Graduations, Get Well, Anniversaries, Happy Retirement, Going Away Parties, Welcome Home, Weddings, Holidays, Will You Marry Me, I'm Sorry, Just to say "hi", and even for no reason at all! Our moto is Any Occasion, Any Where, Any Time!

Which package should I choose?

All of our packages have the same effect and the only difference is what is included in each, so it really comes down to how much you want to spend on the recipient and what you want them to have. Want them to have it all? Order the WORKS for only $79.99. On a budget and want to save? The STANDARD is the way to go! Either way, we are the best at what we do!


                                                                           How far do you travel?

Generally, we have a 50 mile radius of each major city that we service across the United States, but will travel beyond that area for an added fee and each order is different. Please call for details. 
What are your hours for delivering telegrams and balloons?

                                               We deliver telegrams every day except holidays, 9am -9pm. We deliver balloons M-F 9-5 and Sat 9-12

What kinds of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards at the time of ordering and cash at the door (BEFORE the entertainer performs and on a case by case basis)

Frequently Asked Questions - Balloons

How many balloons can I order or how many can you deliver?

       Our minimum delivery is $50 and we can deliver a small bouquet or 3000 balloons if you need them. No order is too large.

Do you just deliver balloons or do you make things out of them too?

                  We deliver both bulk orders of balloons and we create arches, columns, bouquets, and other arrangements.

Why do you not have a "pick-up" service available?

Our office is an "outcall only" office, located in the downtown Pittsburgh area and there is very limited parking available. To save our customers the aggravation of taking a chance on getting a parking ticket or not being able to fit the balloons into their vehicle, we decided to make all balloon orders "Delivery Only".  

How much are your balloons?

Some of our prices are posted on our Balloon Page, but all you have to do is call for pricing. Most importantly,
we will BEAT any competitor's price if they are less!